At the heart of some of the world’s largest celebrations of art and culture is a city with a unique vibe all its own. From wall murals that adorn the cultural heart of downtown, to celebrations of art and music that echo through the rural edges of our city, Indio is a community in constant celebration of our diversity and rich history.  Stop in at the Indio Performing Arts Center to see showcases of local theater, or the Coachella Valley Art Center to see local art come to life. In Indio, creativity is always right around the corner.

Downtown Art

Much of downtown is filled with art that displays and honors the cultural history of our desert.  The Indio Mural Project chronicles the Coachella Valley's path to prosperity and growth, journeying from the early times of our indigenous native people, to the modern evolution of technology and mass transit. Downtown also hosts several art studios and shops.

Performing Arts

In addition to playing host to some of the largest and best recognized music festivals in the world, Indio has a thriving performing arts community.  The Indio Performing Arts Center offers classes for aspiring performing artists, including lessons in puppetry, violin, guitar, acting, dance, singing, ballet and other talents.  They also offer live performances and shows throughout the year showcasing local talent and live stage acts.

Art in Life

Indio is host to a growing art scene that supports and nurtures future artists, and seeks to find the creativity in all of us. Annual events such as Art in the Square give youth a chance to showcase their talents in the unique forum of street chalk art.  Classes and galleries throughout Indio are open to the public and give everyone an opportunity to explore their own unique artistic expression.

Southwest Arts Festival

Southwest Arts Festival

In its 31st year, the Southwest Arts Festival is one of the oldest and largest art festivals in Southern California, welcoming over 280 featured artists from across the North America.  The festival showcases art from many disciplines, including traditional, contemporary and abstract works of fine art, as well as pottery, glass, jewelry, metal works, painting, photography, sculpture and textile.  Hosted on the beautiful grounds of the Empire Polo Club in Indio, this is a must see destination for art lovers.